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Cerovia Stevia Powder (100 G) + Cerovia Stevia Tablet (100 )

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  • The perfect combo of Cerovia Jar and Tablet.
  • Cerovia jar comes in a pet jar containing 100g. Cerovia tablet comes in a flip top container consists of 100 tablets.
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- Cerovia sweetener of 100g, packed in pet jar, ideal for cooking and baking. ~10 to `15 times sweeter than cane sugar.
- Cerovia tablet of 100 tablets, 1 tablet is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. Carry Cerovia tablets where ever you are whether you are in office, restaurant or anywhere else, so you don’t have to compromise on stevia sweetness.
- Cerovia sweeteners has zero calories, Zero glycemic index thus does not raise the insulin level in the body and cause any side effects to the healthy. Unlike many artificial sweeteners it is Non- toxic and Non- allergic. Cerovia sweeteners are the best substitute for cane sugar.

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