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Cerovia Stevia Powder (100 G)+ Cerovia Stevia Liquid -15 ML(300 Drops)

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  • A Combo consist of Stevia Sweetener in powder and liquid, Cerovia Jar & Cerovia liquid drops.
  • Cerovia sweetener powder is packed in a pet jar, contains 100 g and is 10-15 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Cerovia liquid sweetener comes in a 15 ml dropper bottle, it is 70-75 times sweeter than sugar, 2-3 drops is sufficient to sweeten a cup of Hot/cold beverages.
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- Cerovia is a natural sweetener containing extracts from Stevia leaves. Stevia is a nutrient-rich plant belonging to the same family as sunflower (Asteraceae) and originally native to South America. It was used by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for more than 1,500 years, both for its sweet taste and medicinal benefits.
 - Cerovia is nature's gift of sweetness for people seeking improved health & lifestyle. Unlike sugar, Cerovia does not Increase blood sugar levels as its glycemic index is zero have neurological or renal side effects like other artificial sweeteners.
Do not Cause dental cavities and is good for dental care which makes it completely safe for children
- Cerovia is quite heat stable which enables its usage in cooking.
- It is as versatile as sugar for everyday diet and thus makes a very healthy choice.
- Though Stevia is sweet, it does not need insulin to be digested in the human body unlike in the case of sugar. As a result, Cerovia adds no calories when consumed and does not raise blood glucose levels, making it a perfect choice for people who are health conscious.
- Research shows that there is no accumulation of Steviol Glycosides in the body as it is excreted during body metabolism.

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