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Stevia World is an agro technology company. We specialize in growing and processing Stevia. We are committed to implement quality agro business solutions to maximise the efficient production of Stevia leaf and Stevia extracts. We focus on growing and processing the purest, best tasting Stevia at the lowest cost and to the highest environmental standards using 'Good Agricultural Practices' (GAP)

Stevia World was founded on a fundamental principle of producing the highest quality, most consistent and best tasting lineup of Stevia and Stevia based products. We promise to encourage humanitarian and eco-friendly practices throughout our entire supply chain.

Our Vision: To be a major grower of stevia leaf and and a leader in servicing stevia growers, providing best quality stevia to health and calorie concious people.

Our Mission: To be a reliable supplier of quality Stevia products and ensure a sustainable supply of Stevia leaf to the industry.

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Stevia World is an agro technology organization with clear focus on large scale cultivation and processing of Stevia leaves. The promoters, with an engineering background and work experience of over 25 years in the IT field have strived to contribute to India’s agrarian economy.

With a motto of addressing the food behavior of the modern era and to enhance the earning potential of farmers, they have keenly analyzed lifestyle disorders, economic factors, and market conditions influencing various crops. This further resulted in the revolution of agricultural sector through STEVIA WORLD.

Stevia was chosen as a healthy alternative for sugar and a campaign for was started for eradicating India from the list of diabetic capital. With this in mind Stevia World Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. was instituted in 2013 as a Greenfield venture. In turn, it address the needs of new generation foods with high protein, low calorie, low carbohydrates and low glycemic index to meet the needs of the new generation.

Stevia World has been licensed by FSSAI for the manufacturing of Stevia based table top sweeteners. Stevia World production facilities are built with state of art engineering. Currently our order pipeline is met by our own facility and few selective outsourced facilities. Strong control procedures from selection of input raw materials to end finished product, along with stringent quality check process assure us the highest quality and purity.

Products manufactured from these facilities are Kosher and Halal Certified. Our SOP meets cGMP and HACCP quality norms. Our products meet International/Pharmacopeia Quality Standards. Specification sheets and certificates of analysis are provided whenever required.

Our products are packed in standard export-worthy internationally accepted range of packing like custom, packing, fiber drums, HDPE drums, aluminum bottles etc. to suit the material and to meet requirements of the importers and the importing country’s regulations.

 Stevia World has its own farms in Doddaballapur for Cultivation, Development of GAP, R &D, Training, and also hosts a high-tech Nursery.

Stevia World contracts selective farmers to grow their own variation of Stevia plants providing them with saplings and full detailed training in-line with industry’s best practices from soil preparation, planting, crop management till harvest and drying. We also provide all the technical inputs required on plant nutrition based on soil & water analysis and also advice on pest management throughout its life cycle.

Our agriculture officers ensure compliance by regular monitoring during their periodic visits.

Stevia World provides these farmers with a buy back agreement for the entire produce from their farm with the produce picked from farm-gate itself.