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Healthy Leaf consists of handpicked dry leaves of Stevia. It is also known as “Sweet Tulsi” for its natural sweetness and medicinal properties. It is a natural sweetener with host of medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is rich Antioxidants and beneficial phytochemical sand contains many vitamins and minerals. It does not affect blood sugar levels as its glycemic index is zero and adds zero calories to beverages. Just to name few medicinal benefits – Rich in Antioxidants, has Antimicrobialproperties, Improves Dental Health, Improves Cell Regeneration and Skin Tone. It is nontoxic and Non-Carcinogenic.

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Healthy Leaf -Natural Dried Stevia Leaf- Bulk (1000 G)

  Handpicked dry Stevia leaves for direct use.  1000g bulk packing.     Start your day fresh with stevia ...

Available on request only

Healthy Leaf - Natural Dried Stevia Leaf (50 G) + Cerovia Stevia Powder (100 G)


This product comes in easy to use PET jar with small dispenser packed in the jar. Each jar weighs 100 gm. As a special offer we have created a combo w...

Healthy Leaf- Natural Dried Stevia Leaf (50 g)


   Healthy leaf' consists of dry leaves of  Stevia rebaudiana . It is also commonly called 'Sweet Tulsi' for its sweetness an...