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A natural sweetener containing extracts from Stevia leaves, Cerovia is nature’s gift of sweetness for people seeking improved health and lifestyle. Cerovia is 100% natural and 100% vegetarian with no side effects like in the case of artificial sweeteners. It is safe for all age groups including Pregnant Woman and Children and suited for people with Diabetes and Obesity. One gram of Cerovia powder is equivalent to two tsp (~10 gms) of sugar for use with coffee, tea and all juices. Just to name few benefits it has Zero Calorie, Zero Carbohydrates, Zero Gluten, Zero Side Effects.

Cerovia is available in a box of 25 sachets of 1 gms each and also in a 100 gms Jar.

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Cerovia Sachet (25*1g)

Cerovia is quite heat stable which enables its usage in cooking and baking. It is as versatile as... Learn More

Cerovia Jar (100g)

This product comes in easy to use PET jar with small dispenser packed in the jar. Each jar weights... Learn More

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Cerovia Sachet - Lite (100*0.5g)

Available on request only. Please contact info@steviaworld.com directly for buying this item.
Natural Stevia based sweetener for Hot and Cold beverages in white crystalline powder. ~10 -12... Learn More

CEROVIA - Tablet/100

Sweetener in tablet form in a single tablet bottom dispenser. 1 tablet = 1 teaspoon of cane... Learn More

CEROVIA - Liquid (15ml)

Natural Stevia based sweetener liquid in various falvours. Packaged in easy to use container... Learn More
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